Planning a wedding can be a very emotional time and unlike other events, you want to make sure you REALLY connect with your vendors. 

So I thought I would write you this article, to help you understand Perfect As Planned’s DNA  a little better 🤩

Who am I?

Perfect As Planned (as of now) is mainly me: Amandine Ravetta. 

I’ve been the wedding industry since 2020, but passionate about events for years. I started my career in the event industry in the United States, as I was still a student and it was love-at-first-try with this career. 

In fact, I lived part of my childhood and all of my teenage years in Mexico and in the US, and  I would say that the event industry is much more developed there than it is in France: every stage of life is considered a good excuse to celebrate and it is with this mindset that I developed. 

The passage from kindergarten to primary school, from primary school to college…? A graduation party! The end of a compulsory education? A prom! The passage from one decade to another? A big birthday party! A birth to announce? A Gender Reveal, a Baby Shower! These are just a few examples in the multitude of celebrations that happen regularly in America, and it just makes sense to me. 

My convictions

It is with this vision of life that I wished to take advantage of the event industry: to highlight the beauty of the life-moments that are important to you. 

This conviction for the profession and for making every event unique mixes with my personal convictions to offer you a service in the respect of all but also of our planet, in a gitty mood but also with professionalism. I do my best to make every event as good of an experience for my clients, their guests, and the vendors I’m working with by giving all of my brain power into the planning and all of my creativity and perseverance into the big day.

My mission

A well organized event makes the worries of everyday life disappear and leaves place for the perfection of the present moment. 

… A statement that reminds me the reason I chose this career, and the state of mind I wish to bring into every event !

What's next ?

You might have seen bit and peaces of my motivations to be a Wedding planner on my about page but this is it. I want to help people live their best lives by celebrating the milestones, and I want to make those moments as perfect as possible with my planning and communication skills. 

So if you want that perfect moment to be yours (and if you connect with my convictions), let’s work together in making it happen 😉

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