Looking for an agency that will help you plan your wedding to perfection?

With a multilingual planner, very useful and rigorous tools, an innovative spirit and continuous support, Perfect As Planned can only charm you!

Choose from my many services, each tailored to a different need:

The Time Saver

My most complete offer

A wedding organization from A to Z in the Bordeaux region!

Are you looking for a practical and peaceful offer, that allows for a complete personalization of your celebration?  This all-inclusive service provides you with a high level of comfort, from the moment we meet until the big day (and even after).

The Stress Reliever

An improved day-of coordination offer

A complete takeover of the organization 3 months before your wedding in the Bordeaux region!

Are you looking for a practical service, which allows you to have a relaxed wedding day? This service allows you to plan your event and just when the stress might start to set in, lets me take care of everything for you.

The diy Helper

A coaching program adapted to your needs

Appointments with a Wedding Planner, accompanied by documents that will help you throughout the whole wedding planning process!

Are you looking for the help of a Wedding Planner, at a small price, and in a way that is adaptable to your availability and can be done remotely? This efficient service offers you a follow up (if you wish), useful and rigorous tools, and answers to your craziest questions. More than a simple Q&A session, this coaching program will transform your DIY organization.

The diy Starter

My most affordable offer

Downloadable PDF documents that answer all your questions about the organization process and the course of a wedding!

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution that gives you a basic set of guidelines for your DIY wedding planning? These rigorous tools are designed around the steps and issues involved in organizing a wedding. Each one contains all the information you need to know within its topic, information that you will not be able to find easily elsewhere on the internet

Organization of other events

Wedding proposal, elopement or micro-wedding, engagement party, bachelor and bachelorette party, wedding weekend and ceremony, honeymoon, gender reveal, baby shower, baptism, birthday, quinceañera, sweet sixteen, graduation, housewarming, wedding anniversary, graduation party … Any excuse is good to celebrate!

Questions and doubts about my services?

Here are some answers to help you to see things more clearly …

You can contact me right here. From there, nothing could be simpler: we meet over a good coffee or tea to discuss your desires and ideas: date, place, budget, theme… This first (free) meeting allows me to better understand your desires and allows you to ask yourself the right questions to start the organization process. If we have good chemistry and realize we are made to work together, we will sign a contract and the work will begin. Not only will I do my part of the work, but I will also give you access to customized tools that will both allow you to progress on your side of things (decision-making, legal paperwork: what I can’t do for you), and that will show you my progress in real time.

No problem, you can contact me right here and tell me what you are looking for. I will do my best to match your needs!

Whether you have a very precise idea of what you want or the ideas are racing through your head, do not panic! It’s my job to make your wildest dreams come true (within reason, of course). You will have the final decision for each vendor and to the last detail: there is no way that you won’t we in love with your wedding.

It would not help me at all to hide anything from you regarding your wedding or your wedding vendors, that’s why I will give you access to the appropriate tools that will show you in real time my progress on your big day. In addition to these tools (shared documents, access to an online platform), we will also have phone calls and face-to-face meetings to check in with each other on the organization. 

Organizing a wedding is not an easy task : more the 250 hours of organization for the couple and all the stress that goes into it. Even if the budget to hire a Wedding planner may seem substantial, it will save you many hours (and time is money), as well as many sleepless nights. A wedding planner will even save you from making potential mistakes that could have costed you a fortune!  

If your overall budget is under 10,000 euros for example, you most likely won’t be able to afford a Wedding Planner for a complete organization, but I strongly recommend you to find the service that suits your budget, because believe me: you will gain in peace of mind.

Each organization will be different, and you can imagine that a huge wedding with dozens of animations will give me much more work than a micro-wedding with few vendors present. That’s why I didn’t want to make set-in-stone packages, however these estimated rates should give you an idea of the quote I will send you.  

Contact me here for a free first meeting. We will be able to discuss your questions together and you will receive a complete and detailed version of my “terms and conditions”!