The Agency

Perfect As Planned is a wedding planning and coordination agency* in Bordeaux, dedicated to planning your events with attention to detail and always in a good mood.

Perfect As Planned is for fun, loving couples who want to have a memorable celebration of their union: not necessarily in extreme grandeur, but elaborate enough to be perfect in their eyes and those of their loved ones.

Perfect As Planned is inclusive of all budgets and all types of couples, with offers targeting every problem a couple may encounter, because a wedding can be perfect without also being the cause of sleepless nights and financial distress!

The agency takes a maximum of 8 weddings** per year, which proves my commitment to your event.

* Also for other private events

** Organizations from A to Z or its equivalent in other services

The agency's story

Personally, I have always been passionate and motivated by events. Professionally, they help me feel useful and fulfilled. They give me the opportunity to be part of a stranger’s life for a few hours, days, weeks, or even months. I build relationships with the client(s) and this allows me to have my own little positive impact in their lives… And that’s why a large part of my professional experience is in the event industry!

The idea of creating this agency came to me when someone asked for my business card at an event where I was working (at the time I was interning in a small town hall). One thing led to another, I kept thinking about this idea until I decided to go for it. I am convinced that I will be able to blossom and bring out the best of my qualities and my expertise to satisfy my clients and partners, and to live unforgettable events with them.

The Mission

A well-planned event takes your worries away and allows you to enjoy the present moment to the fullest.

Perfect As Planned offers a service tailored to the needs of each couple, with the expertise and perspective of a dynamic and caring Wedding Planner.

The Values

I work with couples *link to client page* who imagine a perfect wedding, not for the luxury of having a perfect wedding, but for the unforgettable experience of celebrating their union with those they love. I value love, empathy, respect…

Whether the weddings are high-end or not, I make sure that there is as little waste and as much reusability as possible. I am committed to the values of eco-responsibility (and confirm this commitment with onepercentfortheplanet.fr).

And because a wedding is above all a joyful event, I want its organization to remain a beautiful experience. I am therefore committed to the values of sharing good energy and good humor, sociability, simplicity and cute aesthetics (of course!).

The Wedding Planner

If you work with Perfect As Planned, you work with me: Amandine Ravetta. I am French but I lived in Mexico for 3 years and in the United States for 7 years. Thanks to this life experience, I am trilingual, open-minded, adapt easily and learn quickly. 

I understand the values of respect, patience and empathy (which I myself greatly appreciated during my time abroad), and I know how to show them to my clients who are full of emotions and to my wedding vendors who often have to manage several events at the same time.

I am organized, rigorous and able to manage a project from A to Z, with a touch of perfectionism that prevents me from letting go of the project before it is flawless to my client’s eyes. I am also creative and curious, and a budget fanatic (I’ve always loved finding the best value for money both for myself and my family), so I’m the perfect person to manage an engaged couple’s budget. 

The Expertise

Because you can’t improvise yourself as a Wedding Planner, and because trends and technologies are constantly changing, I am in a continuous learning process.

Diplomas: I have a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from the United States, and a Wedding Planner certificate recognized by the French government.

Otherwise, I listen to podcasts, I watch videos and I follow many mini-trainings in the field of weddings such as those of Wedding Summit Series, Book More Weddings Summit, Wedding by Fabiola, Refine for Wedding Planners, Female Entrepreneur Association …

These international trainings organized by renowned professionals give me even more ideas and tools to better serve my clients!