Dear readers,

On May 24th, I brought together several wedding professionals from the region to combine our areas of expertise. My goal? To create a whimsical, pastel-colored shoot inspired by the Bridgerton Chronicle series.

Each professional involved in this shoot showed originality and elegance, taking a niche theme and making it accessible to today’s couples.

If you too have been watching the Bridgerton series over and over again, dreaming of a 19th century regency style love story, this inspiration shoot is for you!

Discover the shoot below in pictures, as well as the providers who accompanied me:

Planning and design, by
Perfect As Planned

Refined and elegant place, Château des Tours

Couple of lovers, Shayna and Antoine

Vintage floral tableware, by BonTemps

Floral compositions, by Atelier Petit Brin & Expédition Féérique

Victorian stationery, by Calliphannie

Delicious buffet of hors d'oeuvres, by Framboise Mangue

Gourmet sweet buffet, by Wines and Pastries

Photographs, by Matthias Toth

Short film, by Aerovid

Suit with velvet jacket, by Blandin & Delloye

Robe coupe empire, par Maude Bailey Couture

Putting on beauty, by L'Sublime

Mapping-video by Doxa Vision

And lastly, discover the shoot below in a movie format ✨

Dear readers, this concludes the first inspiration shoot of Perfect As Planned. If you enjoyed it, let’s get together and create the wedding that’s right for you. ✨


As Lady Whistledown would say:


Sincerely yours,

Lady Amandine Ravetta of Perfect As Planned.

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